Virtual Offices

Market entry without a costly commitment? We offer virtual offices in the heart of San Francisco

Thinking about entering the U.S. market without the costly commitment of an office? Whether it be for public officials or potential business partners- having an American telephone number and address are imperative to become an active presence in the USA.

A simple solution to the daunting task of business abroad is to set up a Virtual Office with us! We offer an American postal address, telephone number, and all the virtual processing required. Our bilingual staff are familiar with the U.S. market are able to offer you a comprehensive service package and serve as a point of contact for both you and your American customers.


This type of market entry is especially suitable if you:

  • Are already exporting into the U.S., however your current volume does not justify your own branch office yet
  • Visit trade shows and exhibitions but receive little consideration
  • Don’t have experience on the U.S. market, but are looking to expand with little investment and risk
  • Have not yet "made it" on the U.S. market and want to utilize our services as onsite, external support

Office-in-Office addresses this problem. Our bilingual staff who knows the U.S. market offers a point of contact for you and your American customers.