GACC West Advisory Circle

With the GACC Advisory Circle, we tap into the deep expertise of influential thought leaders in key industries.

Through cross-industry information transfer, we foster a transatlantic ecosystem that leads to future-oriented decisions on both sides of the Atlantic and creates growth for all stakeholders.

Goals & Mission of the Advisory Circle

  • Leveraging the extensive expertise of thought leaders in key industries

  • Creating a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and knowledge transfer

  • Supporting decision-making in business and politics on both sides of the Atlantic

  • Shaping the future for German American businesses

Our Key Industries

AI & Robotics

Eva-Maria Olbers

AI/ML & DeepTech Investments

Head of Portfolio Growth, Premji Invest

Climate Protection

Stefan Schwab

IoT & Sustainability

CEO, Comfy | Enlighted



Digital Leadership & Future of Work

Sabine Remdisch

Digital Leadership

Visiting Researcher, Stanford University

Daniel Zimmer

Future of Work

Senior Director, SAP Labs US

Entrepreneurship & Female Founders

Anne Cocquyt

Serial Entrepreneur

Founder, the GUILD

the GUILD // the GUILD Academy

Innovation & Tech Trends

Mario Herger

Foresight Thinker

Founder, Enterprise Garage

>>Enterprise Garage

Julia Martensen

Innovation Strategy

Innovation Evangelist, ServiceNow


Stefan Schaefer

Logistic Innovation

CEO, expectus GmbH / expectus Inc.


Sven Beiker

Future Mobility Strategy

Managing Director, Silicon Valley Mobility

Renewable Energy

Janice Lin

Green Hydrogen

Founder & President, Green Hydrogen Coalition

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Dirk Morbitzer

Renewable Energies


Helge Biernath

Solar Power 

President & CEO at Sunstall Inc.

Science Liaison

Zahar Barth-Manzoori

International Research Cooperation

Director, DWIH San Francisco

Trade & Economics

Sean Randolph

Economic Policy Expert

Senior Director, Bay Area Council Economic Institute

Startups & VC

Daniela Caserotto-Leibert

Venture Capitalist

Head of US, Speedinvest

Yvonne Lutsch

Startup Mentor

Investment Principal, Bosch USA

Florian Schoebinger

Corporate VC & Startups//

Investment Manager for North America, Kärcher New

Honorary Advisor

Oliver Schramm

Consul General

German Consulate General San Francisco