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Do you want to discover the Silicon Valley ecosystem? Or are you looking for a product-market-fit in the US?

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With our program, we connect German founders with the most important players in the Valley, show you best practices and teach you tools that you can use to get started in the long term in the US or at home.

Inspiration & Learnings

by mentors & experts of Silicon Valley

Networking & Match-Making

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Market Launch

tools & support with the US market entry

We’ve been to many startup conferences where we usually pitch in front of 30-40 people. At the German Silicon Valley Demo Night we had an audience of nearly 200 people that were genuinely interested in us and super engaging. That was huge for us.
Fabia Höhne Tarragona
Fabia Höhne Tarragona Operations Manager, OroraTech

Why Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the world's leading innovation ecosystem with the largest share of global VC investments. 

Nowhere else in the world are technologies being driven forward at the same speed and scale. German founders can also benefit from this decades-long experience. 

Key facts of the ecosystem

  • 40,000 - 50,000 startups
  • 75 billion USD VC funding
  • +50% of global AI investment
  • 78 colleges & universities

Seize the opportunity and learn from world-leading innovators to drive your startup forward!

We did a pitch we had never done before, in a way we had never done it before. It had a huge impact on presenting our startup, which helped us approaching players and investors in the Valley.
Martin Schichtel
Martin Schichtel CEO, Kraftblock