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Discover your opportunities in the Western United States. As the official representative of the German economy, the GACC West is your partner for a successful market entry in the Western U.S.

The Western United States - Hub of Global Innovation

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The Representative of German Business (GACC West) covers 12 states, which generate approximately 4.3 trillion USD, or about 25% of the total economic output of the United States. The West Coast with its metropolises Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Seattle forms the engine of the U.S. economy. Each of these hubs has a unique ecosystem including important players such as entrepreneurs, established companies, research institutions and universities. Learn more about the global driver of innovation and take advantage of the variety of resources the U.S. West Coast has to offer.

Get to know the industries and strengths the U.S. West Coast has to offer and how we can help you to enter the U.S. market or get connected to German and American companies in this region.

Strengths of the Western United States

Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation Ecosystem

The U.S. West Coast is home to the world's most successful companies - and thus also home to a variety of disruptive technologies from autonomous driving to Industry 4.0. The unique composition of research and educational institutions, established companies and start-ups, top talents and experienced managers, as well as investors and other resources, is the foundation for the continuous technological and economic success of the region.

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Research, Development & Education

Research, Development & Education

The U.S. West Coast is home to many of the world's leading education and research institutions. From UC Berkeley, the birthplace of the Free-Speech movement and now the Technological Talent Academy, to Stanford University and the University of Washington, employers in this region have access to the best talent in the world.

The private sector is also investing heavily in research and development. In addition to the traditional development centers, some companies also operate industry-specific research centers, such as General Electric and IBM on IIoT in Silicon Valley.

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Industries of the Future

Industries of the Future

There is a reason why the U.S. West Coast is referred to being the technology epicenter of the world. While 20 years ago smartphones and cloud applications were considered the future, today they are an integral part of our daily lives. The U.S. West Coast has long since developed into a hub for the next wave of forward-looking technologies: Electric vehicles, Autonomous Driving, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Renewable Energies, the Food Revolution, the Future of Commercial Aviation - the trends for technology will continue to be set on the U.S. West Coast in the foreseeable future.

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Innovation Management

Innovation Management

From car sharing, to social media, to personal computing - a large number of the groundbreaking inventions of the recent decades originated on the U.S West Coast. Many of these start-ups have developed into well-established giants such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Uber, Tesla, and AirBnB, just to name a few. The West Coast in home to over 90 “Unicorns”, private companies worth more than 1 billion USD- that’s twice as many more than the rest of the USA. The strong start-up culture is showing no signs of stopping. In addition to the groundbreaking technologies found on the West Coast, the management practices are designed to effectively bring innovations to market and make them a commercial success.



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Venture Capital

Venture Capital

The innovation ecosystem on the U.S. West Coast, of course, also attracts investors who invest their risk capital in promising start-ups in the hope of high returns. So if you are an entrepreneur with a unique business idea, you will have access to a variety of investors. If you are an investor, you will have enough options to invest your venture capital!

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Our Competences & Services

Innovation Solutions

Whether you're building IIoT solutions for your warehouse, establishing a start-up culture in your business, or simply want to explore Blockchain technologies, Silicon Valley is full of takeaways for German entrepreneurs. Your Innovation Solutions team provides you with the know-how, contacts, and knowledge necessary to successfully lead your company into the 21st century.

Event Management

In the United States, especially, it is important to "show your face": Presence at networking and other business events is necessary to build an effective network. We organize events with you and for you, promoting your brand among our broad network of partners.

Business Partner Search

As the official representative of German business in the Western United States, the AHK San Francisco has numerous contacts to decision-makers in politics and business. Profit from our network - we will find any kind of partner for you - suppliers, technology partners, potential customers, think tanks and non-profit organizations.

Trade Missions & Business Delegations

Whether the tech bubble of Silicon Valley or the Washington aviation cluster, there's plenty to discover and learn on the West Coast. Together with our partners, we regularly organize delegation trips lasting several days. Come with us and get inspiration for the "Next Big Thing" of your company!

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Market Research

A new market entry is connected with many uncertainties - from the political-economic system of the USA, over regulations and taxes to the composition of main actors, there are a multitude of factors that have to be considered. That's why we offer holistic, industry-specific market analysis to provide you with relevant information - and facilitate your market entry from day one.

Virtual Offices

Are you thinking about entering the U.S. market, but want to proceed step by step? Whether for public authorities or potential business partners - an American telephone number and address are imperative in order to become active in the USA. Set up a Virtual Office with us! We offer you an American postal address, telephone number, and the virtual processing of this.