Market Entry

The GACC West is your partner for entering the U.S. market and supports your business development activities in America.

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Whether with the help of a market analysis, a targeted business partner search or a virtual office - we facilitate the development of your activities on the U.S. market.

Our intercultural, bilingual staff specializes in advising your company individually and at manageable costs by providing long-term support. We do everything we can to ensure that your company has a successful future in the U.S. market.



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Market Research

A new market entry brings many uncertainties - from the political-economic system of the USA, over regulations and taxes to the composition of main actors, there is a wide variety of factors that have to be considered. This is why we offer industry-specific market analysis to provide you with relevant information such as market size, market developments, competitors, distribution and sales structures and product requirements. We are your partner for market insights and lead the path for a successful market entry.

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Virtual Offices

You are thinking about entering the U.S. market, but want to proceed step by step? Whether for public authorities or potential business partners - an American telephone number and address are imperative in order to become active in the USA. Set up a Virtual Office with us! We offer you an American postal address, telephone number, and the virtual processing of all your U.S. requests.

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Business Partner Search

As the official Representative of German Business in the Western United States, the GACC West has numerous contacts to decision-makers in politics and business. Benefit from our network - we will find any kind of partner for you - suppliers, technology partners, potential customers, think tanks and non-profit organizations.

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Innovation Solutions

The GACC Innovation Solutions team is building a bridge to the Western United States and Silicon Valley. With the help of an established network of industry, technology and innovation experts, the GACC West helps German companies to master the concrete challenges of digitalization, which gives them a decisive competitive advantage.

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