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You are facing innovation challenges and are looking for sustainable long-term solutions to gain a competitive edge? We help you achieve your individual goals and design more innovative prodcuts.

Your Partner in Silicon Valley and the Western United States

With its innovation centers in Silicon Valley, Seattle, Los Angeles and Phoenix, the Western United States is one of the most important business locations in the world. Especially Silicon Valley is the driving force behind digitalization. Future trends and potential risk can be identified here, and you can easily get in touch with important technologies and business partners. The Innovation Solutions Team of the Representative of German Business (GACC West) is building a bridge to the Western United States and Silicon Valley. With the help of an established network of industry, technology and innovation experts, the GACC West supports German companies to master challenges of digitalization. This equips German companies with a decisive competitive advantage.

Learn more about how companies from the state of Baden-Württemberg have already implemented their lessons learned from Silicon Valley in Germany after having participated in our InnovationCamp BW.

Innovation Challenges - We Can Help!

How can companies maintain their ability to innovate across a wide range of business areas? Our Innovation Solutions Team deals with a variety of topics and questions which we can tackle individually with your company. Tell us about your company's objectives and we will develop an individually targeted program in Silicon Valley and on the US West Coast.

Corporate Innovation & Matchmaking

Corporate Innovation & Matchmaking

Benefit from the unique innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley and drive the digitalization process of your organization.

  • Imparting and applying successful innovation methods
  • Support to develop new digital products and business models
  • Technology Scouting and individual matchmaking with Silicon Valley startups
  • Monitoring of industry-specific and expert information
  • Creation of a Silicon Valley Innovation Hub and training of posted employees
Future of Manufacturing

Future of Manufacturing

As part of the digitalization process, Silicon Valley companies transform traditional industries such as engineering and industrial manufacturing with innovations and new technologies.

  • Imparting successful innovation methods to develop digital business models, products and services
  • Insider knowledge in Industrial Internet of Things and other highly relevant topics such as Predictive Maintenance, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, cloud and platform technologies
  • Scouting and matchmaking with innovative startups, experts, and solution providers
  • Anticipating risks and exploiting opportunities with the help of Foresight Thinking
New Workspace

New Workspace

Experience the workspace of the future, a main success factor for Silicon Valley companies

  • Experience and understand the new and creative work environment
  • Participate in innovation and creativity workshops
  • New digital tools for collaboration and product innovations
  • Seminars about Workspace Design and the Future of Work
  • Learn about successful employee motivation in Silicon Valley
Successful Software Development

Successful Software Development

What are the Silicon Valley key success factors? Benefit from the region's wealth of experience and innovation expertise in order to prepare your company for the future.

  • Silicon Valley methods for fast and customer-oriented product innovation
  • New business models and platforms
  • Learn from Silicon Valley Sales & Marketing Best Practices
  • Opportunities to cooperate with Silicon Valley startups and solution providers
Women Innovators

Women Innovators

This program supports women in leadership positions and female entrepreneurs in driving innovation processes and leading the digital transformation of their companies.

  • Access to and exchange with successful female Silicon Valley mentors
  • Acquire digital leadership and networking skills
  • Identify new technologies and digital business models for your own company
  • Adopt successful innovation methods


"All my expectations were met. It was a great experience. Never in my life have I learnt and experienced so many new things in such a short time."

Tanja Springer
Agentur ID GmbH (part of the GC Group)

„We all know how important the Silicon Valley is for business. You always wanted to know more about it, but you never had the time for it. Participating in the InnovationCamp BW (Innovation Solutions Program) means that you learn more than you can imagine in just three weeks. Using the gained experiences and skills will prepare your company for the future.”

Stefan Roell
Zwick GmbH & Co. KG

“Thanks for the outstanding organization, execution and support during the Innovation Camp. The choice and quality of the visited companies were excellent. It was more than expected.”

Ulrich Aldinger




T. Todd Morrill

Faculty Director, National Science Foundation I-Corps, BerkeleyHaas Entrepreneurship Program, UC Berkeley

Andreas Bechtolsheim

Chairman and Chief Development Officer of Arista Networks

Olaf Groth

CEO,, Professor of Strategic Management, Innovation & Economics, Hult International Business School

Mostafa Akbari

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Holobuilder Inc.

Mario Herger

Foresight Thinker, Consultant, Author „Das Silicon-Valley-Mindset",
CEO, Enterprise Garage

Emma Allison

Director of Product Management at Jyve Corporation

Prof. Dr. Sabine Remdisch

Scientific Director LeadershipGarage &
Visiting Researcher, Stanford University

Mani Honigstein

Managing Partner at NeueCapital Partners


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