Sep 26 until Sep 27

2019 International Zero Emission Bus Conference San Francisco

The World's Premier Conference for Zero Emission Bus Conversations

The Zero Emission Bus Conference has grown since its inception in 2011. It originally began as a fuel cell bus working group with 50 participants, and has now become the premier event for conversations on zero-emission bus (ZEB) technology. Last year’s conferences in the US and the EU each successfully connected more than 300 stakeholders to discuss opportunities in zero-emission transport at scale.
This year's conference will take place in San Francisco. 

Event Start
09/26/2019 | 10:00
Event End
09/27/2019 | 18:00

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The future of transport is zero emission. Leaders around the world are taking steps to electrify fleets and looking to create key partnerships with industry experts. This year, we look forward to continuing these conversations on a global scale in San Francisco, California, a ZEB hotspot and home to the country’s most successful clean air agency – the California Air Resources Board.

As more cities, provinces, and states ramp up their climate change mitigation goals in accordance with the Paris Agreement, countries are turning toward electric mobility as a key strategy to stay below 2 degrees Celsius warming.

Join this September to discuss real strategies for the world’s transit innovators and learn more about how to prepare for electrification at scale.

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