California Germany Agrivoltaics Conference

The first Transatlantic Agrivaltaics Conference, joined by high-level representatives from energy, agriculture, policy, and research to pave the future for agrivoltaics.

Resilience and Sustainability - How can Agrivoltaics contribute to both?

Fighting climate change and helping agriculture to become more resilient - That’s the idea of Agrivoltaics, the co-location of farming and solar photovoltaics. It's time to bring transatlantic players together to pave the road forward for a more sustainable and resilient future:

Questions we will tackle:

  • What are the benefits of agrivoltaics, especially for farmers and developers?
  • How can they contribute to farm optimization?
  • Which kinds of technologies already exist and what are the types of agrivoltaics PVs?
  • How can argivoltaics align resilience and sustainability?
  • What can Germany and California learn from each other?

The first California Germany Agrivoltaics Conference (#CGAV) will bring together corporates, policy-makers, researchers, developers, and farmers to find answers to these questions in an interactive setting.

The goal is to build strong German-American partnerships that will lead this growing market of agrivoltaics.

Program Sneak Peek

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What to expect?

  • Visionary Keynotes
  • Fireside Chats
  • Discussions
  • Networking

Discover with us and high-level representatives from research, industry and politics:

  • Roadmap and future opportunities for transatlantic agrivoltaics
  • State of the art technology in the US and Germany
  • Political framework and incentives
  • Use-cases and best practices in the agricultural industry
  • The intersection of software and PV
  • Utility perspective: agrivoltaics in energy supply 

Registration & Tickets

The first California Germany Agrivoltaics Conference was created to strengthen transatlantic collaboration in this important sector, promote idea exchanges, and create an ecosystem from which all players involved can benefit. 

This conference is a joint initiative of the co-organizers AHK USA - San Francisco, Sunzaun, Aztec Solar, and Solar4America, supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection.