GACC Supported | Storage East Summit

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16.10.2018 | 09:00
17.10.2018 - 18:00
Washington Plaza Hotel | Washington, D.C.


The eastern interconnection is witnessing a burgeoning demand for storage as Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey alone have announced targets of 5.27 GW of energy storage. And beyond these opportunities, FERC Order 841 has removed barriers to participation of energy storage in the capacity, energy, and ancillary service markets operated by RTOs and ISOs—and ISO-NE, NYISO, and PJM are all responding.

However, storage implementation approaches are anything but finalized. There are still numerous barriers to both market and grid access, dramatically limiting the ability for storage systems to interconnect and monetize their full value stacks. Utilities are still figuring out how to work out the cost- benefits for ratepayers, and vendors and developers are asking for clarity on regulations and financing.

Infocast’s inaugural event, Storage East, will gather policymakers, market operators, utilities, and the entire storage value chain to provide definitive information on policies, programs, and procurement across the eastern interconnection. Vendors and developers will learn how to profit in the eastern markets by deferring costs associated with transmission, distribution and generation capacity, minimizing peak loads, assisting in the integration of additional renewable assets, improving reliability, and lowering emissions.

This is a remarkable chance to understand the full range of opportunities opening up in energy storage across the eastern United States. All those who desire to claim a first- mover advantage and build lasting success must attend.

Click here to download the Storage East agenda.