GACC Oktoberfest 2017

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28.09.2017 | 17:00
- 22:00
Gallery 308, Fort Mason Center | San Francisco

Signature Event GACC West

On January 18, GACC West greeted around 60 guests to their annual new year’s event sponsored by Morrison & Foerster to reflect 2017 and give an outlook of 2018. Rufus Pichler, Partner at Morrison & Foerster welcomed the audience. GACC West's interim Managing Director, Mirko Wutzler, reviewed chamber’s operations and talked about the new and upcoming events and changes. The evening was moderated by Angelika Geiger, Director of Germany Trade, who pointed out the relevance in trade between the US and Germany. Kristi Dolseth & Christian Ebster from KPMG summarized KPMG’s annual GABO survey – showing that German companies in the Bay area are growing and investing heavily. Senior Director of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, Sean Randolph,  analyzed the economic forecast of the Bay Area,  emphasizing that we currently have an unique kind of momentum and best performing economy ever here. The Bay area has the highest amount of  Fortune 500 companies after NY City but with an even higher revenue.

Gary Schlossberg, Vice President, Senior Economist at Wells Fargo Capital management reflected on the overall balanced recovery during the last 9 years and shared an positive outlook for 2018, however predicting some headwinds to watch. His college Michael Moskowitz, Investment Strategy Specialist at Well gave an insightful U.S. economic and market strategy update, discussing the U.S. and developed markets, risks, and investment implications. The event was concluded with greeting works from the German Counsel General Hans-Ulrich Suedbeck.