J-1 Internship Visa Service

The GACC Career Services offers internship exchange programs for the U.S. and Germany and is an official Department of State designated J-1 visa sponsor organization, issuing the form DS-2019.

The GACC Career Services operates an official State Department designated J-1 visa program, by issuing a Certificate of Eligibility form DS-2019. The GACC can assists companies in the U.S. who have recruited their own interns from Germany in obtaining the necessary J-1 visa for their candidates. Likewise, the GACC assists interns who have obtained their own training programs in the U.S. and need sponsorship in obtaining the J-1 visa.

For more information about our J-1 Visa Program, the visa process, rules and regulations please visit our official J-1 visa website: www.go-j1.com

Cindy Klarwasser
Manager, Career Services
(212) 974-8834