The Wind Energy Market on the Westcoast

The U.S. wind energy market is one of the biggest worldwide: approx. 22% of the global energy generated through wind is produced in North America. In the course of the past years, the wind energy market experienced significant growth; 38 of the 50 states currently use wind for large scale energy generation, with an upward trend. The first quarter of 2012 saw wind energy capacity increase by 1.695 MW with the biggest capacity growth in California. Within the entire US, an overall 48.611 MW of wind energy capacity is connected to the grid. In particular, states such as California, Texas, Iowa Oregon, and Montana offer unique business opportunities for German companies.

Important facts about the U.S. wind energy market:

  • Jobs in wind industry: 75.000 US-wide
  • Wind energy plant with greatest capacity: Alta Wind Energy Center California (1,020 MW)
  • Wind energy capacity installed in 2011: 6.810 MW (31% growth compared to 2010)
  • Cumulative installed wind energy capacity: 46,919 (17% growth from 2010)