Image Gallery

Follow along with some of the most interesting moments of our events in our image gallery.

Germany Washington Aviation Forum

2nd Germany Hawaii Clean
Energy Symposium

GACC Oktoberfest 2018

Grand Opening

California-Germany Bilateral
Energy Conference

2nd German-U.S. Future Mobility

White Asparagus Gala
Dinner 2018

InnovationCamp BW:
Software Meets Hardware

2nd Germany Californai Energy
Storage Symposium

German American New Year's
Kick-Off 2018

IHK Berlin Delegation 2017

GACC Oktoberfes
t 2017

German-U.S. Future
Mobility Night


Germany California Bioenergy

White Asparagus Gala
Dinner 2017

Step Silicon Valley

DIHK Delegation 2017

German American
New Year's Kick-Off 2017

Germany Hawaii Clean
Energy Symposium

GACC Oktoberfest 2016

Germany California 
Energy Storage Symposium

White Asparagus
Gala Dinner 2016

Green IT
Business Delegation

Civil Aviation 
Business Delegation

GACC Oktoberfest 2015

White Asparagus
Gala Dinner 2015

Germany Oregon Energy
Efficiency Symposium

GABO West 2015 | Industry 4.0

German American Business Outlook

10 Years GACC West

German Innovation Symposium

GACC Oktoberfest 2014

White Asparagus 
Gala Dinner 2014

Germay Arizona Solar Day 2014

German American
Business Outlook 2014