German TechMatch

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09/13/2018 | 10:30 AM
- 02:00 PM
DLA Piper | Palo Alto, CA

The GACC West and NRW.International, in cooperation with US Market Access Center, cordially invite you to:

German TechMatch

German TechMatch promotes hand-picked German tech startups showcasing their offerings to corporate investors and tech channel partners in the Silicon Valley.

The event will focus on company pitches, followed by a networking reception, where all companies can present their solutions at demo tables. Meeting with startups in early stages of development will give attendees exposure to fresh and innovative ideas and a quality core team. Attendees will be given plentiful opportunities to network and directly exchange with startups from Germany's flourishing tech scene - a producer of formidable and original emerging companies.

Thursday, September 13, 2018
10:30 am – 2:00 pm




- Innovators/Entrepreneurs
- Business Angels and VCs
- Industry luminaries of innovation, R&D and networking growth
- Tech channel partners
- Corporate Investors


10:30 am | Check-in & registration

11:00 am | Opening address, including opening remarks by Prof. Dr. Pinkwart, Minister of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. 

11:15 am | Pitches from 12 German companies

12:15 pm | 1:1 Breakout Sessions at demo tables

1:00 pm | Networking accompanied by lunch and beverages  


Davy GmbH

DAVY is a maritime e-mobility startup which is shaping the future of hybrid powertrains for boats. It’s our mission to initiate the transition towards a sustainable mobility on water. We have invented the first high-performance powertrain platform that is designed from the ground up to be adaptable to any upcoming technology improvements – be it in fuel cell or battery technology. Davy’s powertrain makes your boat the most fun to take on a boat trip. It unleashes a faster acceleration than combustion engines and because of our fuel cells we are not limited by any battery capacity in terms of range.

parcelbox GmbH



Pickshare is the interactive logistics platform for the last mile. Via the pickshare app every recipient can have his packages delivered to his desired "PICKPOINT" in the vicinity. PICKPOINTs are shops in the environment that securely accept and bundle the parcels of all parcel service providers and thus use an additional service for your business and your locational advantage. Once selected, the recipient can now use his PICKPOINT as an alternative shipping address for all orders. As soon as a parcel arrives at its PICKPOINT, the recipient receives a notification on its smartphone. This also applies to pick-ups generated by the pickpoint itself, such as the completely cleaned shirts or the repaired Smartwatch.


GigWork GmbH

GigWork is the JobDating platform for NewWork. GigWork develops & mediates innovative job models, especially GigJobs as an alternative to temporary work. GigJobs are temporary short-term positions. Companies can compensate for temporary vacancies via GigJobber instead of expensive temporary work or freelancers with the risk of fictitious self-employment. GigWork is the "digital Springerpool" for companies and the digitally available part-time job for everyone. As the 4th pillar of employment, Gigwork brings people into work who would otherwise not be able to participate in the acquisition process.


candidate select CASE

Students invest a lot of time and money to obtain a university degree. Yet, unknown grading standards and competitiveness make it difficult to measure academic achievement. As a result, the best predictor of job-performance is lost. CASE uses context data and its own algorithm to make grades comparable across programmes and countries. Its Score predicts hiring and job-performance better than assessment tests and is available without stress for candidates and delay for companies.


We turn the e-mobility charging station into a digital advertising column, to enable a cost-effective expansion of the charging infrastructure. By adding a new value to the charging station, LoyalGo creates the incentive for local shops and businesses to invest into the set up of a e-mobility charging infrastructure.

Tax consultancy is complicated, laborious & lacks modern technological support. is tax advisory 4.0: A digital, easy to access tax intelligence platform that understands the information needs of tax advisers and applications and provides a solution for their specific tax-related problems. In the initial phase augments the tax advisor with a set of artificially intelligent time- & cost-saving tools: - Guided client interviews with question suggestions - Super efficient research for tax questions - Automatic user updates about relevant tax law changes - A dashboard with intelligent pre-composed answers to clients' mails.



With OneFID we leverage latest 3D Technology to deliver mass-customization in the shoe market. Our challenge is to push one unified platform to achieve a single OneFID (One Digital Fitting Identity) per consumer globally. Over the last years we tackled this challenge and created an automated foot-last-adaption process called the OneFID Core. The vision is to revolutionize the shoe market with 21st century technology.


Video & TV Cast

Video & TV Cast uses true video streaming, directly on your TV or streaming player. This is a clever and convenient approach for watching videos on the big screen compared to screen mirror apps which just duplicate your phone or tablet screen on your TV. Video & TV Cast does not lock your phone or tablet while watching videos, so you can use other apps during the show. The app is also easier to set up, consumes less battery power and less wifi bandwith.

Imprintec - Material Testing Solutions

Imprintec works on the field of mechanical material testing since 2013 and offers mechanical testing systems and lab services. With expertise on image analysis and data extraction optical measurement systems have been included in the company’s portfolio.
In material testing we focus on imprint testing, which uses mechanical indentation testing and optical 3D measurement. Additionally, fea-analysis and optimization techniques results in our patented “Imprint-Testing” method. It is an innovative hardness testing method, which determinates mechanical properties. Other hardness tests and testing procedures are offered as well.

Sharerado UG

We have built a tool, which enables companies (publishers in particular) to design, run and manage self-branded platforms for user-generated digital content. We live in a world, where contextually relevant digital content is becoming more and more important and companies are dependent on the biggest social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, leaving them with no control over the online content about them. Especially publishers have the urge to create channels for user generated content to expand their traditional business model.

net365 GmbH

net365 is a WIFI Provider for "Public Wifi" with Marketing, Analytics and Customer Feedback features. Companys can offer there customers and clients free Wifi. The free Wifi helps the company to get in touch with theier costumers in the digital world. To promote an offer, new products or get an customer Feedback of theire own customer Our customers are Hotels, restaurants, backeries or also car dealer. They see the power of connectiong to customers over more channels than just the pure personal one, and provide a mix of customer expirience on- and offline.


UP.Academy connects education with execution. One part is an open marketplace for educational content. The second part are well integrated software solutions, which help users to manage their time, knowledge, tasks and schedule and get a meaningful view of their progress. Due to the integration we can make the learning and training journey very interactive, we can collect unique statistics and rank the content way better than our competitors. User / Instructors will be able to sell content or personal support.


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NRW.International - Partner for worldwide business

NRW.International coordinates the promotion of foreign trade in North Rhine-Westphalia. In particular, it supports small and medium-sized enterprises in the development of important growth markets worldwide. In close coordination with its partners NRW.International provides a variety of measures tailored to the companies' needs: It is responsible for the organization of joint trade fair presentations abroad as well as the coordination and support of international trade delegations from North Rhine-Westphalia to foreign countries - always enriched by an extensive specialized program. As member of the worldwide European project Enterprise Europe Network NRW.International also organizes B2B activities between visiting and regional companies. More information:

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